HackExpo 2018

HackExpo 2018 – Convergence of Nigeria’s AI talents

On the 23rd and 24th of November 2018, the most brilliant minds in Nigeria converged at NG_Hub , Facebook’s first technology hub in Africa for the 2-Day Artificial Intelligence Hackathon and Exposition titled “HackExpo 2018”. HackExpo 2018 was organized by DeepQuest AI in conjunction with AI Saturday Lagos to bring together the best talents in Artificial Intelligence, explore the latest inventions in AI, deliberate on the future of these […]

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DeepStack - World first self-managed AI Server

The field of Artificial Intelligence has progressed incredibly with the emergence of powerful algorithms like Deep Learning, High Performance hardware like the NVIDIA GPUs as well the massive amount of textual, image,sound and numerical data generated on the internet and embedded devices. This progress has led tremendous possibilities in Computer Vision, Natural Language processing, Speech and Data Analytics. Like every other technological transformation, today’s modern AI started […]

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